Plugs, Covers, Seals

Preferred Engineering types of plugs, covers, and seals are well respected in the nuclear industry. The demands in today's shorter outages often require a more creative approach. The incentive for use of a plug varies with the circumstances, and we can assist in evaluating your specific conditions. Our ability to customize plugs, covers, and seals has been a staple of our company since its 1980 founding.

  • Cavity Floor Covers

    Designed with the PE signature fast action cam toggles, the aluminum design offers stations an upgrade from OEM hatch covers.

  • Custom Covers

    The Preferred Engineering Covers are constructed from polished stainless steel for easy decontamination, and offers a unique design which includes our Quick-Lock© Toggle Bolt System.

  • Custom Seals

    Preferred Engineering has a long history of designing and manufacturing custom seals for generating stations. We focus on cost effective, easily installed seals with a long operational life.

  • Gate Valve Plug

    The Gate Valve Plug is a stainless steel assembly with a simple effective design that makes it a perfect utility for sealing pipes and valves when maintenance is needed.

  • Pipe Plug

    The Preferred Engineering Pipe Plug is an aluminum and Stainless Steel assembly that uses Buna-N elastomer seals.

  • Reactor Vessel Bottom Head Drain Plug

    The RPV Drain Plug permits the performance of downstream piping and valve maintenance without the need to drain the vessel or the use of freeze seals.

  • Reactor Water Storage Tank (RWST) Plug

    The Preferred Engineering Reactor Water Storage Tank Plug (RWST) has two basic designs, the Manually Actuated Plug, and the Passive Spring Actuated Plug.

  • Stud Hole Plug Set

    The Stud Hole Plugs are machined from UHWM plastic and are designed to ‘rest’ on the top thread and seal on counter bore walls.

  • Valve Housekeeping Plug

    The specialized Valve Housekeeping Plug was developed by Preferred Engineering to prevent water from interfering with welding operations.

  • Cast Bolt Plug

    Cast Bolt Plug seals fuel cask bolt holes and eliminates leaks and cleanouts.

  • Cavity Seal System

    Consisting of segmented EPDM extrusions, these seals are custom made for each plant’s reactor annulus.

  • Fuel Transfer Tube Closure System

    Specifically designed to cut Critical Path time and reduce Dose, the FTTCS is a stainless steel assembly that allows remote sealing of the Fuel Transfer Tube.

  • Fuel Pool Plugs

    The Preferred Engineering Fuel Pool Plugs are stainless steel weldments designed to seal openings in the Spent Fuel Pool during maintenance.

  • Loop Plugs

    Hot/Cold Leg Loop Plugs are designed for reliable nozzle isolation and minimal protrusion from the vessel wall.