Temporary Reactor Pressure Vessel Cover (TRPVC)

The Preferred Engineering Temporary Reactor Pressure Vessel Cover (TRPVC) offers quick and proven RPV isolation. The Preferred Engineering TRPVC is installed with one crane pick often in less than an hour. Included lift bridle is stainless steel with marked clevis ends that only require an initial adjustment. TRPVC can be segmented to pass through constricted Containment access hatch openings.


  • Polished stainless steel offers excellent decontamination properties.
  • Integral seal challenge port allows for immediate verification of seal on vessel flange.
  • Locating guide lugs engage head alignment pins making installation fast and repeatable.
  • TRPVC seal installs and is removed without the use of any hardware.
  • Vent and Backfill lines are 3" diameter allowing rapid backfill and draining of the vessel.
  • Optional support posts allow for the internal lift rig to be stored on the TRPVC during the outage.