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PWR Hot / Cold Leg Loop Plugs

Benefits | Overview

Our PWR Loop Plugs are normally used during the performance of nozzle inspections.

  • Benefits
  • Remotely Installable From Refueling Bridge
  • Dual Plug I/R Tool Installs A Hot Leg And A Cold Leg Plug In One Lift
  • The Tool And 2 Plugs Weigh Less Than 1000 Pounds
  • Unique Design Permits Sealing Without The Use Of Air Or Hydraulic Lines
  • Hydraulically Actuated / Mechanically Locked Holding And Sealing Mechanism
  • Isolation Of Each Leg Of The Loop Allows Generator Work To Begin Before The Completion Of Inspections
  • Redundant Yet Diverse Means Of Sealing
  • Mechanical Training Mockups Are Available For Realistic Training In A Non-Radiation Environment
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  • Overview

Preferred Engineering developed several types of Hot / Cold Leg Loop Plugs. These Plugs are normally used during the performance of nozzle inspections. The installation of the Loop Plugs allows the scheduled steam generator work to proceed during the completion of the balance of the nozzle ISI work. The result is a 5 to 7 day reduction in critical path time. The Plugs are installed in pairs and can be installed in approximately 2 hours. The Plugs are hydraulically actuated and mechanically locked in place. We have extensive "Large Plug" experience and have engineered and manufactured over 60 plugs 16 inches in diameter or larger.

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