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Hawk Replacement System

Application | Overview | Features

The Preferred Hawk Replacement System is BurnerMate TS configured to be a wire-for-wire replacement for obsolete CB Hawk and Honeywell BCS 7700 boiler controllers.

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CB Hawk Replacement System
CB Hawk Replacement System

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The Preferred Hawk Replacement System is designed to be an easy replacement for obsolete Cleaver-Brooks Hawk systems, also sold by Honeywell as the BCS-7700. The Hawk Replacement System consists of a panel insert that fits in the existing Hawk enclosure, a pre-programmed 10" color touch screen, a replacement jackshaft servo, and an IR or UV scanner. Because the Hawk system used gas and oil pressure sensors, gas and oil pressure switches are required with this replacement. Gas only, and gas & oil versions of the Hawk Replacement System are in stock for immediate delivery. Installation time averages 24-30 man-hours and commissioning takes just a couple hours.

Note: The Preferred BurnerMate Universal is now available to replace Hawk systems. Installation time is increased, but this more powerful controller offers significant upgrade capabilities and is less expensive.

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  • Overview

The Preferred Hawk Replacement System is BurnerMate TS configured to be a replacement for obsolete CB Hawk and Honeywell BCS 7700 boiler controllers.

Major Features Include:

  • Direct replacement for existing boiler control panel sub-panel, terminals provided for reconnecting existing wires
  • Existing control panel, entrance box, control switches, indications, flame scanner and operating limits are reused
  • Automatic burner sequencing & flame supervision
  • Firing rate control with thermal shock protection
  • 10.4" touch screen operator interface terminal with alarm & event summaries, real time and historical trending
  • Remote monitoring through standard web browser
  • Remote interface via Ethernet TCP / IP communication
  • Fully wired and tested sub panel replacement

Fully Wired and Tested Sub Panel Replacement:

  1. DCS-III Programmable Controller
  2. RM 7800 Flame Safeguard
  3. Power Supplies, Interposing Terminations and Connectors to Door Mounted Color Touch Screen Operator Terminal

New Field Equipment Required:

  1. Steam Pressure or Water Temperature Transmitter
  2. New Damper Servo Motor Actuator with Feedback and Limit Switches
  3. Low and High Gas Pressure Switches
  4. Low Oil Pressure Switch

Minimized Installation Cost: Existing wiring, sensors and control cabinets are reused to the maximum extent possible. Only additional limit devices (gas and oil  pressure switches) are included to meet the guidelines of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Typical installation time for this system is 24 man hours and an additional two hours for commissioning.

Improved Accuracy: Outdated modulating motor is replaced with a state-of-the-art, accurate Preferred Instruments SM-15 actuator.

Advanced Communication Interfacing: An Ethernet (TCP/IP) communication port is easily assigned an IP address and connected to a facility wide network. Building Automation Systems and SCADA Systems are interfaced via industry standard MODBUS Ethernet.

Real Time and Historical Trends: Easy to use multiple pen charts allow quick system assessment and maintenance monitoring.

Web Browser Remote Operation: Any PC that is connected via the Ethernet port can view displays using a standard Web browser.  Historical alarm and event data can be imported to spreadsheet applications such as MS Excel® (with optional flash card)  

Simple Touch Screen Operator Terminal: Monitor and control boiler operation, setpoints, process data, boiler faults and status from one convenient display. Commissioning and trouble shooting activities are laid out in an easy to follow step by step procedure, eliminating the need for knowledge of individual controller menus and programming languages.

Improved Spare Parts Availability: Industry standard controllers, actuator and limit devices are used. Replacement parts are in stock.

Product Improvement: The Hawk Replacement System will soon be available with the Preferred 5004-M-85 flame safeguard controller, eliminating the need for separate amplifier cards and purge timers.

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  • Features
  • Existing Control Panel, Entrance Box, Control Switches, Indications, and Operating Limits Are Reused
  • Automatic Burner Sequencing and Flame Supervision
  • 10.4” Touch Screen Operator Interface Terminal With Alarm Event Summaries, Real Time and Historical Trending
  • Remote Monitoring Through Standard Web Browser
  • Remote Interface Via Ethernet TCP / IP Communication
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