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Preferred Cloud Remote Monitoring Platform

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The Preferred Cloud offers three levels of remote monitoring, with alerts and updates to your mobile phone or computer. 

With simple installation and a completely secure network, this service gathers information about on-site equipment and presents the data on an easily accessible webpage. 

Get information on preventative maintenance and performance sent  to you, wherever you are.

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Preferred Cloud Visual 3
Preferred Cloud Visual 3

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Preferred ReAct™

Be the first to know when your equipment requires attention with automatic notifications and alerts. You or your service contractor can respond to issues with your equipment the instant an issue is detected.

Preferred ContAct™

Have access to your equipment from anywhere in the world. View the status of all your equipment in real-time, on our web dashboard. Compile data from multiple facilities for central monitoring and control.

Preferred ProAct™

The highest level of monitoring implements our years of industry knowledge. It sends you notifications, compiles data, and presents current and historic analytics to help you make desicions for a more efficient system while avoiding unplanned down time.

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All communications—internal and external—to the Preferred Cloud are secured and encrypted. Both parties in any network transaction are validated before data is shared.

Secure & Isolated Network

The gateways are connected to the cloud via an isolated, private network. In order to connect to the central network, the gateway identity will be validated using a factory installed certificate so that no one can access the network but you.

Continual Monitoring & Updates

Our team of engineers work hard to make sure all components of the platform stay secure and current. You always have access to your equipment with our fault-tolerant infrastructure.

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