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SCADA/Flex Distributed Control System

Features | Overview

Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are designed to provide remote operation, graphic display of information, alarm message display, report generation, historical trending and remote controller tuning. The SCADA system can be networked to the boiler control and burner management systems. Our SCADA/FLEX Distributed Control System is a robust plant optimizing solution providing the ability to monitor and control plant wide processes from a single location.

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  • Features
  • Report Generation and Printing
  • High Performance Networking
  • Interface With Fireye and Honeywell Flame Safeguards
  • Development Software Included
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  • Overview

Our SCADA/Flex Control System Offers:

  • Process visualization (HMI)
  • Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • Local or remote operating modes
  • Historical Trending
  • Alarming, alarm management and printing
  • Report Generation and Printing (Option ‘-R’)
  • High performance networking (Ethernet & Fiber Optic optional)
  • Interface to Fireye and Honeywell Flame Safeguards (optional)
  • Development Software allows continued development on site (Option ‘-DS’)

Boiler Plant Data Promoting Optimization:

  • Energy usage computed by degree day 
  • Efficiency of the plant and each boiler 
  • Total steam generated by the plant and each boiler
  • Total fuel used by the plant and each boiler
  • Average cost of steam
  • Equipment cycle times and operating hours 
  • Condensate Temperature to help identify “blown trap”
  • Blowdown Monitoring
  • Make-up water flow vs. total feedwater or steam flow
  • Flue Gas Oxygen vs. Setpoint Monitoring, etc

Boiler Diagnostics:

  • Boiler control and flame safeguard alarm and equipment status information are presented both graphically and on alarm and event summaries, thereby aiding in the troubleshooting of the cause of trips and potential trips
  • Remote equipment monitoring allows for preventative maintenance. Problems can be evaluated centrally to allow technicians to come properly equipped to the remote site

Unsurpassed Availability:

  • Preferred PCC-IV and PWC controllers provides continued plant operation in the event of a Control Network and/or SCADA shutdown
  • Multiple SCADA Servers provide continued Central Control Room operation in the event of a SCADA shutdown
  • Dedicated boiler controllers provide continued remote and local operation of unaffected boilers in the event of a single controller shutdown

Lower Installation and Commissioning Cost:

  • Controller Tuning Screens and Historical Trending tools help speed commissioning
  • Controllers and I/O wiring are located near the equipment to save installation cost

SCADA/Flex is a Robust Plant Optimizing Solution: The ability to monitor and control plant-wide processes from a single location, while at the same time collecting and sharing real-time plant data, has become an invaluable tool for improving the operation of boiler plant equipment.  Plant owners around the country have successfully turned to SCADA/Flex from Preferred Instruments. SCADA/Flex helps you turn plant operating data into information, and information into dramatically improved performance.

Overview Graphics: Overview graphics are provided to match the specifics of your plant. Each screen is designed to intuitively display critical information, making operation quick and easy. “Soft buttons” provide an intuitive “point and click” interface for navigation between screens, alarm acknowledgment, and equipment control.

Open Architecture for Third Party Applications (optional): SCADA/Flex can act as an OPC Server to any standard OPC Client. Alternatively, SCADA/Flex can act as an OPC Client to any standard OPC Server.  SCADA/Flex fully leverages the ODBC Application Programming Interface (API), adding the capability to collect and write real-time secure electronic records to one or more relational databases. Data can easily be moved between a relational database and the SCADA/Flex process database.

Historical Trending: Multi-colored strip chart style display of any group of eight variables for any length of time. The Zoom feature and a data cursor allow precise readout and comparison of any event. Data may be placed on a server or zip drive for long term storage, and can be reloaded at any time for analysis.

Report Generation (Option ‘-R’): Intelligent reports provide crucial data tabulation and summarization which help identify trends in efficiency. Energy use can be compared with previous reports to spot potential waste or to verify the effectiveness of fuel saving strategies. Plant managers can easily run reports on key “performance indices” such as cubic feet of fuel burned per degree day. This sort of tight data tracking coupled with the intelligent control of process systems helps produce significant energy cost savings. Shift, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly summary reports are automatically generated and can be printed at any time.

Centralized Plant Operation-Local Control: The SCADA/Flex System provides the ease and flexibility of centralized plant operation while ensuring the safety of local control. Workstations can fully operate an entire series of plants, whether they are on site or across the country, through dial-up or leased line. SCADA/Flex systems can even be outfitted with laptops so that monitoring and control can be administered from the road. However, PCC-IV and PWC controller local operator interfaces allow plant operation in the event of a workstation and/or data highway malfunction.

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