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Cleaver Brooks™ Retrofit Burner

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Although other companies provide "insert" burner solutions, ours is different because it dramatically reduces installtion time compared to the competition. Our solution does not require any modifications to the door of the Cleaver Brooks™ boiler, combustion fan, or existing gas train connection to the boiler.

Our specialized API-Ranger burner and Burnermate Universal controls will give you the ability to burn natural gas and No. 2 oil, as well as Renewable Fuel Oil, and Bio Residual Oil.

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Bates College
Bates College

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Preferred's Cleaver Brooks™ Retrofit is designed to bolt to the existing boiler and reuse the existing boiler front door, intermediate housing, and forced draft fan. Burner excess air and turndown performance significantly improve with the Preferred API burner, resulting in measurable fuel savings. The addition of a variable speed drive on the forced draft fan will provide significant electricity savings—especially on boilers that often fire at low load.

Our patented technology allows us to achieve low NOx and excess air at the same time.

Features include:

  • .5 – 2.0% excess O2 from 50 - 100% firing rate when firing natural gas.
  • The Preferred burner retrofit will bolt up to the existing boiler with no cutting or welding required. 
  • Gas and oil inlets are designed to minimize re-piping of the fuel trains.
  • BurnerMate Universal controls have been applied to many CB boilers. The enclosure is designed to fit in the same place as the existing control panel on most boilers.
  • Burner and controls upgrade can be designed to burn: natural gas, or No. 2 oil, as well as Renewable Fuel Oil (RFO), Bio Residual Oil (BRO) upon request.
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  • Benefits
  • Sustainable Fuels: burns Bio Residual Oil and Renewable Fuel Oil
  • Increased Efficiency: Higher turndown, lower excess air
  • Simple Replacement: Uses original housing and fan
  • No Cutting or welding: custom-made fit
  • Lower emissions
  • Get a high performance burner that will save fuel and electricity!


Typical CB Burner

Preferred API Burner

Excess Air Levels (Natural Gas)



Excess Air Levels (No. 2 Oil)



Turndown (Natural Gas)



Turndown (No. 2 Oil)



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Read about our successful CB retrofit at Bates College here.

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