Boiler Controls 101: Boiler Control System Fundamentals

Presenters: David Eoff, National Sales Manager with over 20 years of boiler design experience

Although today's boiler rooms have much of the same equipment as 10 or 20 years ago, the integration of advanced computer systems has changed the way we operate them. While much more efficient then old systems, today's boiler room requires a different type of education and learning curve for operation. In this webinar, David Eoff will discuss the major control systems in your boiler room and the reason for each one, including:

  • Flame safeguard and why you don’t need to specify it in detail because we have to follow NFPA.
  • Steam pressure control loop
  • Hot water control loop and thermal shock protection
  • Four types of feedwater control
  • Fuel/air ratio control: draft control and how it affects fuel/air ratio control
  • The how to prevent boiler accidents