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BMU How To Enter The Password



The BMU is built in with different levels of security from Operator to Engineer. Once you know your level of security access and you know your password you then need to enter it into the BMU to gain access. 

Steps to Troubleshoot

  1. On the keypad of the BMU LCD Screen to access the main menu, press the ▲ Up and ▼ Down arrows together.
  2. Scroll down until blinking cursor is next to Password then press Enter.
  3. When the blinking cursor is next to Enter Password press Enter.
  4. Now the display will show a value of 0 alternating with a black box indicating the password is not enterable yet. You must press enter again and the display will switch to a flashing underscore of the number. You can now enter your password.
  5. To enter the password use the up & down arrows to scroll to the number you need. For multiple digits press and hold the arrow key and the number of digits will change.
  6. Once you have the password on the display press Enter again. A series of diamonds will flash and if the password is accepted the display will scroll the new security level across the bottom.
  7. Passwords will auto log out after 6 hours for safety purposes and the password must be re-entered again for operation. 



Some common troubleshooting tips are:

1      Make sure that you have the correct password for your level (operator, technician, etc.)

2      If you don’t have a password setup, contact the company who the BMU was purchased through. You may need to provide the original sales order and BMU serial number.