• 5002-01-NC UV Scanner

    Ultraviolet Flame Scanner - Applicable to gas and light oil fired burners for boilers and process heat applications. The standard model interfaces with Preferred, Fireye, and Honeywell flame safeguard controllers.

  • 5002-01-self-checking-uv-scanner

    Ultraviolet Self Checking Flame Scanners - Ideal for natural gas, landfill gas, refinery gas, and light oil fired burners. It interfaces with Preferred, Honeywell, Fireye, Siemens, Eclipse, and PCI flame safeguard microprocessors.

  • 5004-01-flame-uv-scanner

    Ultraviolet (UV) Sensor for Monitoring Gas or Oil Flames - Scanners are recommended for detecting flames from standard fuel gases, some waste gases and light oil fuels such as No. 2 oil.