• Anti-Syphon Valves

    Installed in a vertical position at the highest point in the suction line with no part of the line between the valve and the tank below the maximum oil storage level. UL listed; Approved by the New York City Board of Standards and Appeals.

  • Back Pressure Regulating Valves (BQ)

    Maintain constant supply pressure for generators, boilers, booster pumps, or any other application that requires constant oil pressure.

  • Back Pressure Regulating Valves, (V)

    Installed at the far end of the oil supply line, down stream of the boiler fuel metering valves and passes unburned oil to the return line.

  • Double Poppet Foot Valves

    Bronze body and poppet to provide long dependable service with light oils through #4 fuel oil.

  • Fusomatic Electric Cut-Off Switch

    The Fusomatic Electric Cut-Off Switch is a thermally actuated safety switch used in combustion installations. Approved by The Massachusetts Department of Public.

  • Fusomatic Globe / Gate Valves

    Thermally actuated safety switch used in combustion installations. Automatically breaks the burner control circuit in the event of a fire. Approved by The Massachusetts Department of Public Safety

  • Overfill Prevention Valves

    Provides a mechanical method of automatic fuel oil shut-off to prevent overfilling of underground storage tanks during a gravity filled delivery

  • Oil Lever Gate Valves

    Used in fuel oil piping systems to provide automatic shut-off of the fuel flow in the event of a fire. Fully mechanical.

  • Pressure Reducing Valves

    Installed in the supply line to boiler fuel metering valves. The valve senses down stream pressure to maintain a constant supply pressure to the fuel metering valves.

  • Relief Valves

    Designed to relieve excess pressure in lines containing any grade of fuel oil. It is also suitable for use with water and air.

  • Tank Selector Valves

    Consists of a precision ground tapered plug which rotates 90 degrees within a precision machined cast iron body.

  • Single Poppet Foot Valves

    Installed at the end of suction lines at the bottom of fuel oil tanks to keep the suction line to the pump set primed by preventing the flow of oil back into the tank when the pumps are not in operation.

  • Vacuum Breaker Valves

    Assembly consists of a brass body with threaded ends, stainless steel ball and EPN “O” ring seat.

  • Foot Valve Extractor Fitting

    Permits easy removal and reinstallation of the Model 22 Double Poppet Foot Valves or Model 900 Single Poppet Foot Valves sizes smaller than 1½".

  • Voluvalve

    The Voluvalve utilizes a custom and proprietary drilled hole pattern inside the valve that allows the valve to repeatedly and accurately match the optimal efficiency flow rate and fuel-air ratio characteristics for any burner.

  • Fire Safety Oil Shut-Off Valve

    API rated oil shutoff valve with a fusible link for an FM approved fire safety valve assembly for fuel oil applications