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Is Your Mission Critical Facility Reliable?

Mission critical facilities can’t fail. But you still read stories about them failing—usually after some unforeseen disaster like a hurricane. You wonder how a hospital could lose power when it’s supposed to have emergency generators. They’re supposed to think of everything, right?

Well mistakes happen when facility owners or project engineers design their mission critical systems based on cost. What’s more costly—an expensive fuel system, or a lost life? It’s easy to answer that in retrospect, but it’s true that money is always a determining factor.

Now there’s another choice.

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What if you could save money and increase reliability at the same time?

Fuel system experts recently unveiled a new technology that’s changing the way we think about mission critical fuel systems. It’s called the Flexible System Controller (FSC) and it’s built to make your job a whole lot easier.

Will Your System Still Work if your PLC Dies?

Most emergency fuel systems rely on one programmable logic controller (PLC) to keep everything running. If your PLC dies, what happens to your system? The great thing about the Flexible System Controller is that each one operates as a programmable logic controller. They’re installed on every piece of your fuel delivery system, then networked together. They’re designed “masterless” so that if one goes down, the others won’t fail too.

Dual redundant cabling from each node means there’s no chance for repeater failure, hub failure, or switch failure. They’re modular, too, meaning they plug-and-play with typical fuel handling components. That includes day tanks, pump sets, filtration units, and remote fill stations.

Want to Reduce Wiring Costs?

The FSC communication network reduces the amount of wiring by 700%. A typical day tank would require 14 wire homeruns using conventional methods. The FSC uses 2.

Want Your System to be More Reliable When the Power Goes Out?

Generators keep mission critical facilities running during disasters. If the generators don’t work when they’re supposed to, there’s no power. The FSCs redundant communication network increases reliability by design: the more operational equipment you use, the fewer points of failure you have. Each piece of equipment becomes an added strength to your mission critical facility—not a liability. The saying “less is more” doesn’t apply here. More is ... well, more.

Want to Decrease the Time Spent Troubleshooting?

The FSC communications network lets you do something you’ve never been able to do before. Now you can control or view any device, status, or alarm anywhere in the system from any touchscreen in the network. It doesn’t matter if you’re standing in the basement by the pumps or on the roof by the generators—now you can see every single input and output at a glance. This makes solving system problems easier. No more trekking between pieces of equipment to manually check analog inputs.

Facility engineers no longer need to choose between reliability and cost. Thanks to the FSC, increased reliability doesn’t have to come at a premium.

So why wait to make your system more reliable?

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