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When natural disasters like hurricanes and floods occur, mission critical facilities need to stay operational. Hospitals are an example of this dire reality. If the power goes out, the hospital must have a back-up plan to keep the lights on. Because any loss in power could mean a loss of life.

Most mission critical facilities rely on emergency generator systems. These systems kick in as soon as an interruption to power is detected. And since these generators rely on large quantities of stored fuel oil, the fuel oil handling system must be able to deliver.

It is common to store fuel oil underground, as is the case in many mission critical facilities and high rise buildings. Most oils pumps serving emergency generators and critical boiler systems cannot be raised due to suction lift limitations on the positive displacement pumps. So when a disaster like Hurricane Sandy floods a mission critical facility, the fuel oil handling system must be able to account for this contingency in order to keep the building operational. It must get the oil to the generators - even if the pumps are under water. Lives depend on it.

Unfortunately, Hurricane Sandy proved that many mission critical facilities were not prepared for this disaster. Traditional pumps are not designed to account for complete submersion in water.

Recognizing this need, Preferred Utilities designed the patented Waterproof Pump. We engineered the Waterproof Pump for basement or ground-level installation. They are guaranteed to remain operational during a flooding event.

The Design
We welded the pump and its motor assembly within a Nema-4 enclosure to ensure this pump will work when submerged in standing water. We built it with flexible stainless steel hoses for pump suction and discharge connections, a flanged access door with gasket, and a sliding tray for easy pump removal, maintenance, or repair. The enclosure is an epoxy-enamel painted steel cylinder designed for rugged durability.

The Benefits
  • We've included discriminating type leak sensors. Not only will these sensors be able to detect any leaks in the pump, they will also be able to discriminate whether or not the leak is due to external water intrusion or internal oil leakage.
  • We seal-welded the external connections and field-piping to the enclosure. We will completely seal and test your pump at our factory prior to shipment, meaning you don't have to rely on an installing contractor to verify that the pump is free of leaks.
  • In addition to the field-piping, we seal-welded the external electrical connections to the enclosure.
  • We built a local non-fusible disconnect inside the enclosure. This means you can lock and tag out locally at the assembly for maintenance and service. This eliminates the need to disconnect the motor from power supply before any work is done on the pump.
Who needs the Waterproof Pump?
  • Any facility where equipment is installed near or below historic flood levels.
  • Any facility which cannot afford to lose electrical power generation.
  • Any location prone to flooding.
  • Any mission critical facility, including: hospitals, financial institutions, communication facilities, and data centers.
Why Preferred?

Our company was founded as a fuel handling company in 1920. Since then, our range of products and services quickly expanded. Now, Preferred Utilities specializes in state-of-the-art fuel systems for a wide variety of mission critical applications.

You can find our emergency generator fuel handling systems in hundreds of mission critical facilities across the nation. Hospitals, schools, data centers, government facilities - we know how to do it all. And while our wide range of experience is formidable, what truly sets us apart from our competitors is our cutting-edge technology.

Stated simply, no one else can do what we do.

But don't just take our word for it. Here's a list of customers who depend on Preferred Utilities' fuel oil handling systems in their mission critical facilities:

  • Apple
  • AT & T
  • Barclays
  • Digital Realty
  • Facebook
  • Geico
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Google
  • Mayo Clinic
  • One World Trade Center
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Texas Instruments
  • Time Warner Cable
  • UTSW Medical Center
  • Verizon
Disasters like hurricanes can cause massive flooding in streets, tunnels, and subway lines, resulting in lost power. Back-up generators can fail if the oil pumps are not prepared to operate under water. The Waterproof Pump is the answer to weather-proofing your mission critical facility. We know you can't afford to lose power - that's why we built this pump to be dependable. If you need to rethink your mission critical fuel delivery strategy, don't wait for the next storm. Contact Preferred Utilities today.

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