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PCC-IV Product Announcement

Preferred Utilities considers not only the creation of new products, but the support and replacement of older products. With this in mind, we designed the PCC-IV Loop Controller to seamlessly replace the PCC-III when the hardware is too old to function. The PCC-IV is a complete control solution for individual boilers or multiple control loops. Upgraded technology and increased longevity also make the PCC-IV a great replacement for the Siemens/Moore 352 and 353 models. With added features and a retentive memory that lasts 5x the lifespan of the Siemens controllers, the PCC-IV is prepared for any application.

Replacing Siemens / Moore Loop Controllers

Siemens announced it would discontinue the Moore 352, 352PLUS, and 353 multiple loop controllers in October 2017. In most instances, the Preferred PCC-IV multiple loop controller can be programmed to be a direct replacement for these Siemens/Moore loop controllers.

The capabilities and function blocks available in the Preferred PCC-IV controller are very similar to the Siemens/Moore controller. Many common control applications have already been programmed for the PCC-IV and are available from our engineering program library. For less common control applications, Preferred has programmers who are experienced with the Moore 353 who can convert existing Moore function block logic into new function block logic for the PCC-IV.

The Preferred PCC-IV is a true programmable multiple loop controller like the Moore 353. Unlike the Moore 353, the Preferred PCC-IV has four expansion slots for additional inputs and outputs. For more details on the hardware and programming aspects of the Preferred PCC-IV, see the Preferred product page here.

The Preferred PCC-IV is engineered, manufactured, and supported in the United States. Preferred Utilities is a family owned corporation in business operating continuously since 1920.

What are my options?

You have a control system using loop controllers now, but are concerned about obsolescence. You should not delay. Uploading a program from a functioning Moore controller will make it much easier for a program conversion to a new platform. Once complete, you have a several options.

Switch to PLCs

PLC based control systems have their value. Often a PLC combined with a HMI like our 10" Touch screen is a good solution to replace your controls. They often have a smaller footprint on the cabinet door, but require more space on the sub plate and substantial wiring changes often leading to complete panel replacements.

More importantly, your operators lose the ability to quickly see every control loop "at-a-glance" which is how many loop controller systems are designed. If your operators are comfortable with loop controllers, PLCs will present some additional learning time and expense.

Switch to all-in-one controller

If the application is a common one, there may be a controller available that performs the functions needed. For instance, Preferred's BurnerMate Universal is an all-in-one burner management and combustion controller. Switching to that controller will also lead to a larger learning curve for the operators.

Stick with loop controllers

Preferred is committed to maintaining loop controller products into the future. Our newly released PCC-IV is a true multi-loop controller that is compatible with most other controllers. You read that right, we are actively developing a new loop controller which are backwards compatible with our PCC-III and will continue, as with all Preferred products, to be supported for decades.

While we love and supply PLC and All-in-one based systems, we also understand the power of the loop controller, and there are customers who simply refuse to switch. There are many good reasons to stick with loop controllers, and Preferred has you covered.

Who should I use?

A system integrator may be able to provide a PLC replacement, but where will they be in three years? How about five years? Ten? Preferred maintains a programming staff that supports Preferred loop controllers as far back as thirty years. We won't leave you hanging. We have the engineering expertise and field service professionals combined with the best loop controller products to provide you with the results you need.

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