Sensors and Transmitters

  • Smoke Opacity Monitoring System JC-30D-EZ

    Model JC-30D-EZ, Smoke Opacity Monitoring System - Microprocessor-based indicating instrument with a smoke duct mounted optical sensing assembly. The system provides a continuous opacity readout, alarm indication, and shutdown capability.

  • Flue Gas Temperature Monitor JC-15D

    Flue gas temperature is continuously displayed using a highly visible backlit LCD display. An intuitive bar graph display and alarm messages provide clear stack temperature status.

  • In-Situ Oxygen Sensor

    Detector consists of a zirconium oxide cell, a ceramic heater with thermocouple, terminals for connecting to the controller unit, a flange for connection to the probe, opening to accept reference (ambient) air and a connection for calibration gas.

  • Draft Controller JC-22D

    Model JC-22D, Draft Monitor and Controller - Microprocessor based draft controller, indicating instrument, and alarm monitor. The JC-22D directly accepts a 4-20 mADC draft transmitter signal, 120 VAC flame safeguard interface, and outputs a solid state switching (Triac) or 4-20 mADC outlet damper actuator control signal.

  • Draft Range Transmitter Assembly

    Model JC-22XMTR, Draft Transmitter with Low Draft Cutout Switch - Field mountable boiler draft range transmitter and independent high pressure cut-out switch with 5 second time delay relay.

  • Steam Pressure Transmitter

    Pressure Transmitter with Steam Siphon Loop - Specifically designed for industrial applications and typical industrial grade environments. Standard features are tailored for applications involving extreme environmental conditions and those that require more stringent performance needs.

  • Draft Range Differential Pressure Switch

    The JC-22-HDPCO-8 is a draft range differential pressure switch with red warning light and time-delayed cutout relay contacts.

  • Digital Process Monitor JC-10D

    Model JC-10D, Process Bar Graph Indicator and Alarm Monitor - Microprocessor based indicator alarm that can be field configured for a wide variety of applications. The instrument provides a highly visible backlit LCD display with easy to understand bar graph, scaled numeric display, and front panel alarm messages.