Products & Services from Preferred Utilities are making a difference in...

  • Mission Critical Systems

    A new, recently unveiled technology is changing the way we think about mission critical fuel systems. It’s called the Flexible System Controller (FSC) and it’s built to make your job a whole lot easier.

  • Combustion System Solutions

    Whether your application is a coal to gas conversion, waste gas, or specialty gas, Preferred’s combustion engineers have the right burner for your new or retrofit application.

  • Waterproof Pumps

    Preferred Utilities designed and engineered the patented Waterproof Pump for basement or ground-level installation. These pumps are guaranteed to remain operational during a flooding event.

  • Burner Controls

    Known throughout the industry as the most comprehensive boiler controller available, the BurnerMate Universal is a perfect fit for any boiler application.

  • Siemens/Moore Loop Controllers

    In most instances, the Preferred PCC-IV multiple loop controller can be programmed to be a direct replacement for these Siemens/Moore loop controllers.