• Link Trim Actuator

    Model LTA, Link Trim Actuator - Easy to install actuator used for Oxygen Trim control on single point positioning (Jackshaft) burners. The LTA mounts in-line as part of the burner fan damper linkage rod assembly.

  • Servo Actuator, Model SM

    Model SM, Rotary Servo Actuator - Modulates, and closes the valves and/or dampers in accordance with the integrated combustion control and burner management system programs.

  • Servo Actuator, Model UM

    Model UM, Servo Actuator - Used on boiler control applications that have a maximum of 720 ft-lbs torque required. For heavier-duty service – consult the factory.

  • Power Arm Linear Actuator

    Model PL, Power Arm Linear Actuator - This unit may be started, stopped or instantly reversed at any point within the stroke without damage, over heating or loss of power.

  • CDR Draft Control System with Linear Actuator JC22-PL2-1006

    The Preferred Instruments JC-22-PL2-1006 is a linear actuator with an integral microprocessor-based draft controller and a solid state draft range pressure sensor.

  • Draft Damper Assembly

    The Model E-Link Draft Damper Assembly is part of a full scope control package that assures safe and efficient control with undivided system responsibility.